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Atra Pavarlus ~Aracely Reyes




I am Darkness!




Aracely Reyes is a visual artist, actress, writer, poet, film maker, and director.

She attended Notre Dame High school in early 2000 and received her bachelor degree at the University of Toronto: Scarborough in 2012.


She began her acting career in high school, being a part of Notre Dame’s first Sears show “Old Turtle” and helping to begin that legacy and tradition that still exists today. In her third year, she again participated in school’s third Sears show “Her Cross to Bear.” Both shows won several awards in the festival.


In her last year of high school she was a participant of The A.M.Y Project’s 2007 show “I Am Her.”


After high school, she took a year off and went back to her roots as a visual artist. She studied for a year at the Central Technical School, taking on their intensive one year portfolio program. There she studied sculpture, print making, painting, illustration, life drawing, and digital art. Her first short film “A Faerie Tale” was created during that time and her trailer for her film-in-the-works “Turn Back,” was also produced as a final project. 


She exhibited her bronze sculpture “Chimera” in Sherway Gardens’ The Gallery In The Garden, during their student exhibition in the spring of 2008.


She was the designer of the promotional material for the 2007-2008 Student and Staff Arts Exhibition at the Central Technical School Art Centre.


During that year she participated in the Paprika Festival, directing and performing in her adapted Japanese show “Hagoromo.”

In 2008 she joined b current” and started out as a mini rAiz’in in their “rAiz’in Summer Arts Program.” She performed in the show “Dirty Landry” at the end of the program. She later graduated into their two year program “r Currentz.” In bcurrent’s 8th annual rock.paper.sistahz Festival she performed the monologue “Warrior” with the

r Currentz .  In the summer of 2009, she once again joined the “raizin’ Summer Arts Program,” and performed in their show “I Am.”


In 2010, she performed in her very first professional show as a chorus member: b current’s “Wise Woman” which showcased at the Theatre Centre during February and March of 2009. She also participated in the Paprika Festival for a second time, directing and performing her first comedy “A Morbid Occasion” and performed in two other shows: “Teeth and Fangs” and “Cupcake.”


Aracely completed the seventh draft of her one woman show

“B-R-O-K-E-N M-I-R-R-O-R-Z” which showcased in the 9th annual rock. Paper. Sistahz Festival in 2011.


Her first play “Hagoromo” was also produced in the Paprika Festival as a full production at the Tarragon Theatre on March the 20th and 23rd. A special preview of the show was also presented at the University of Toronto Scarborough Meeting Place during the Japanese Festival on March the 15th 2011.


Aracely is also a gifted poet and illustrator. She self-published her first poetry book, “Tragic Love” in early 2011.


In 2012 Aracely graduated in b current professional rAiz’n training program. She performed with the rAiz’n ensemble in their original show “NiCe” in b current’s 11th annual rock.paper.sistahz festival. She began working on her fifth play, titled Faerie Dust.


In her second year of the program, working with the rest of the ensemble on their second show for bcurrent’s upcoming 12th annual rock.paper.sistahz festival.  


In her spare time she continues working in the visual arts in the mediums of painting, sculpture, drawing, illustration, digital art and crafts such as jewelry. In early 2013 she exhibited a sibling painting, art piece to her play Faerie Dust as part of The Hermit’s Lamp “The Art of fairies” exhibition.


Aracely lives, breathes, and works in the Gothic, Fantasy, Macabre, and Symbolist genres. She calls her work “Fantasy Macabre” to simplify. She has written several poems, spoken word pieces, and monologues and much her works in the visual arts reflects this fantastical genre.


While young in body and spirit, Aracely has been referred to as an “Old Soul,” Life and its experiences have taught her to work hard, think with her head and leave her heart behind. She is of Latin American descent, and speaks both Spanish and English.

She lives and works in Toronto and dreams of success in her city. While she is a huge fan of the Gothic Genre, Vampire films, books, and art, she is also an Anime fanatic, and has even dedicated a website to her love of the J-pop culture.


She enjoys reading, writing, acting and drawing of course. She also enjoys going to animation conventions and going to Asian malls and shopping areas such as Pacific Mall and China town.

She hopes to travel to Japan one day and see the birth place of the manga, anime, and jpop-visual-kei performers she loves so much!


To contact Aracely for auditions in her pieces, commissions, or collaborations, please e-mail her at: