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~Fantasitical-Macabre, Past, present, and future ~

Slowly and surely, you will be able to find all my past projects and upcoming projects.These can include plays, films, novels, poems, Gallery showings, and anything else that I consider an artistic extension of myself for your viewing, listening and reading pleasure.

Thank you as always for dropping by. Go ahead and see what you've missed and what you can look forward to.

~Faerie Dust~ Workshop Premier Paprika 2016

~Faerie Dust~ 
17 year old Raine hides in the dark alleys of Toronto gripped with fear and guilt after witnessing her best friend's rape and murder. The same thoughts cycling through her head, "I'm sorry, I just watched you being ripped apart. How could I do that? Just freeze?". In the shadows she attracts the attention of a clan of Dark Faeries eager to feast on her tainted soul. Her only hope is to befriend a rouge Pixie and plead her case to the four ruling Feys; the only ones that can either protect or condemn her. 

Written and Directed by Aracely Reyes 
Featuring: Tijana Spasich as Raine 
Harsharan Sidhu as Fritzi 
Zarish Asif as Queene Ivaine 
Troy Sarju as King Orion 
Janice Yang as Empress Kitsune 
Stage Managers: Raquel Rodrigues and Zee Bolad 
Mentors: Clare Preuss and Jivesh Parasram 

Tuesday May 24 @9:30pm 
Friday May 27 @8pm DOUBLE-BILL 

THE 15TH PAPRIKA FESTIVAL May 23 – 29, 2016 In partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts 
At the Aki Studio Theatre 585 Dundas Street East 

Paprika is a youth-led performing arts organization guided by the core values of artistic development, accessibility, community and youth leadership. We run year round professional training and mentorship programs that culminate in a performing arts festival of new work by young and emerging artists. Native Earth Performing Arts is Paprika’s 2016-2017 Festival Partner. Paprika is proud to present the 15th annual Paprika Festival in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts. Native Earth Performing Arts is Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous theatre company. Currently in their 33rd year, they are dedicated to developing, producing and presenting professional artistic expressions of the Indigenous experience in Canada. TICKET INFORMATION Single Ticket: $10.00* 3-show Pass: $20.00** *Includes all performances in a double or triple-bill **Includes admission to any 3 shows throughout the festival week, with the exception of the 15th Anniversary Celebration on May 26 FREE events – The Playwrights-in-Residence and Writer’s Circle new play readings are free. Box office:


Untouchable~ October 19th, 2014

“No one wants to blame the living, because there’s a price that no one wants to pay, because as much as we like it, being alive is really fucking hard, so give it to the dead.” On the eve of Dia de los muretos, gothic latina Celerina, celebrates her 4th day of the dead with her best friend Lexis, who has died of an apparent suicide. Lexis was a rebel, dark, and wild. And she died goth, but not because of it. If it was that simple, then why is Celerina still standing? Sometimes we hang our selves, sometimes we are hung by who we think we are. A thoughtful, loving, and bitter sweet one woman show about the stigmas of dark self expression and suicide; because one does not equal the other. Written and Performed by Aracely Reyes Directed by Raquel Rodrigues and Zee Bolad Dramaturgy by Naomi Abiola Media photography by Daniel "Misery Koss" Kiernan Voice over by Corrado Dante Caruso Sound effects provided by, host of libraries of copyright free sound effects, provided for the use if students, teachers, film makers, artists, and musicians. Song Angel of Death by Slayer, 30 seconds used for educational and training purposes only. In memory of Jamie Romero, Dec 16 1979 - May 22 2014 Produced by Cely Productions, in association with bcurrent Performing Arts. Special thanks to Zee and Raquel for your dedication. None of this would have been possible without you two. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. To team Cely: Laura, Jordan, Raquel, and Javier, you rocked on with me from start to end and it was amazing! Thank you. To my family and friends for your support throughout this project, and the last eight years. To bcurrent, for everything you've taught and given me. It's the end of the road, both bitter and sweet, but worthwhile. To Melissa, my SM, and Susie on the board. You ladies were fantastic! And to Buddies in Bad times Theatre, it’s an honour to finally grace your stage. Lastly, to my cultural background,and the ancestors I honour. Thanks to you, I know why I am who I am, and continue on with pride. Thus show is in honour of all of you, and the gifts you've left behind, and continue to give.

Before the dust settles ~ Prequel to Faerie Dust

On May 5th in the evening I will also be performing my physical performance installation piece "Before the dust settles" a prequel piece to "Faerie Dust".  My piece will premier at rock.paper.sistahz SpeakEasy event.

The live installation piece will focus on the the background story of the play set in the street of Toronto, in which the main character Raine is targeted by a clan of dark faeries after witnessing the rape and murder of her friend Kelly.

To highlight this part of the show, and to speak in regards to the threat and concern over sexual assault in our city, I will be installing a wall of blank signs and ask audience to speak to, for, and in defense of female victims. There is a growing social concept that woman are to blamed for begin targeted and abused. For dressing up, dressing down, or for simply being women. While my show continues to develop, this installation will advertise both the piece but also the larger issue.

"Words like "slut" and "whore" are often unjustly use to describe women who are wearing risque or slightly revealing clothing, and this has given individuals the right to treat these women with disrespect. The truth is a woman should not be labeled so harshly or treated badly because of the way she dresses. Women dress to feel good, feel happy, and feel free. I invite you to write a word on the wall to describe the girl before you. Remember, she could be your best friend, your sister, your girl friend, or you lover. let's change our vocabulary, and leave words like slut and whore behind."

SpeakEasy will take place:
~ in the basement @ Ellington's Music and Cafe, 805 St.Clair Ave West
~ Sat. May 5th
~11pm - 1am

The SpeakEasy event is open to the public, pwyc ($10 suggested donation)
There will be a cash bar and open-mike opportunities during the last 20 minutes.

Published Poetry Book

Tragic Love
On Sale Now!

"The heart beats, breaks, bleeds... But it never really dies..."

The Anti-Romantic began as a one woman show about a female artist suing her art work to escape a broken heart. After working with Erica and Alamena Theatre the work has evolved into a three hander, two Act play.
It is set for completion in Fall 2012.

Forget everything you knew about the Anti-Romantic.
A struggling artist moves in with her successful father with nothing but dreams of making it big as a "dark" artist. But can her gloomy painting hide her from an ailing mother, a caring ex-boyfriend, and the rest of the 'unfinished' life she left behind?

4th Annual De Colores Festival of New Works by Latin-Canadian Playwrights will be presenting Aracely Reyes' 4th and play
"The Anti-Romantic"
 Reading: 8pm, October 7th 2011

The re-incarnation of Aracely's 2nd one woman show, is a three hander about a starving artist struggling to paint in light of her mother's mental illness.

Written and Performed by Aracely Reyes
Dramaturg by Erica Kopyto

Currently being work shopped with Alamena Theatre

Aracely's 1st play

Aracely Reyes' First play "Hagoromo" an adaptation.

An ancient folktale from beautiful and mysterious Japan. In a world ruled by faerie angels, a young maiden is bound forever on earth after losing her precious “wings” to man with an eye for divine power.

A feminist coming of age story about what it truly means to be a woman and surviving in a world where what rules all is strength, beauty, and the will to go on when all seems lost.

The third version of this play was performed in the 2010 Paprika Festival for youths between the ages of 14 and 21. The following are the names of the contributors and actors who performed in 2010 version of "Hagoromo."

Creative Team:
Director, Playwright, and chorographer: Aracely Reyes
Stage Manager: Raquel F. Rodrigues
Music by: Isaias Garcia
Set and Costume design: Aracely Reyes and Kristen Yang
Costumes by: Zee  Bolad
Assistant Costume design and props designer: Gabrielle Trottier
Make-up by: Laura Reyes
Make-up inspired by:  Michelle Phan

Akemi ~ The fallen Tennyo – Akeela E. Baksh
Yuki Yori ~ The Hunter – Matt Henry
Sora ~ the younger daughter-  Mara Dizkacs
Kiyomi~ the older daughter- Tamara Jones
Mariko~ Tennyo- Michi ~Earth woman- Sarah Brown
Haruka~ Tennyo- Hiroshi ~Earth woman- Elina Shahmirian
Kiyoshi ~ Tennyo – Sachiko ~Earth woman- Lana Kronenfeld

Special appearance by Aracely Reyes as the Heavenly Mother

We would first like to give our biggest and most sincere Thanks to Kevin Wright and Scott Dutrisac, and the good people at the L.L. Browne Theatre. Without you, “Hagoromo” would be nothing! Thank you so much for your wonderful support and generosity! Heaven’s divine light and bliss to you all.
Thank you to the Paprika Festival, their administrators and staff for this amazing opportunity!
Thank you to Yvette for her mentorship, advice, support and her wonderful presence. We could not have gotten far without you!
Additional thanks to UTSC’s Project A: anime Club for allowing us to perform at your Japanese Festival! And Joel Reyes for helping to translate.

Special thanks to Angel Reyes, for his “keen eye” and support.
And we would also like to especially thank our families and friends for there much needed love and support throughout this project.  “Watashi aisuru anatagata”

Aracely's 1st one-woman show

~B-R-O-K-E-N M-I-R-R-O-R-Z~
A Cely Productions Presentation

~B-R-O-K-E-N M-I-R-R-O-R-Z~ first previewed as an introduction piece for the 4th play by The A.M.Y Project. It made it's 20 minute debut in bcurrent's rock.paper.sistahz9. Festival on April 27th, 2010 at the Wychwood Theatre 601 Christie st.  8:00 - 10:30pm

"I just want to talk to someone. I want to feel like I can tell them everything. And I want to tell them everything. About me."
A feminist one woman show about a girl exploring her past lives, searching and putting the broken pieces of her shattered world together to find her future.

Aracely Reyes' 2nd show where her alter ego 'Atra Parvulus' takes the stage in a dark tale of self reflection and discovery.

Written and performed by: Atra Parvulus~Aracely Reyes

Directed by: Raquel Roderigues

Set and Costumes by: Aracely Reyes

Make up by: Aracely and Laura Reyes

Stay tuned for future versions and re-mounts of this show.